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Your Opinion On Anything
Date: Jan 27, 2009 7:45:08 PM PST
Author: danielt

post your ideas/opinions about anything


Date: Jan 27, 2009 7:57:12 PM PST
Author: danielt

here is my opinion on sundin,
in your little blog u said that sundin should be cheered for when he returns to a leaf building.
now, i dont care who you are, i dont care if youre dave keon... u dont do what sundin did to his team. u do not leave a team like that!
what sundin did was wrong and disgusting
he said last year at the trade deadline he wanted to remain a leaf
but i guess that was not the case when he was offered 20 million.
if he is so proud of the leafs why wouldnt he wave the no trade clause and make the choice for the better of the team.
he didnt do anything for the good of the game or for the good of his team, he did it all for the good of his wallet.
and what makes me sick is how leaf fans claim that he deserves to be applauded when he comes to the acc with a different jersey on because of all he has done for the leafs...
WHAT HAS HE DONE? will some one please inform me
he hasnt done anything,
what cup has he won us?
saying that he just be appreciated for all that he has done is just plain stupid.
to applaud him is like thanking him for ripping leaf fans off, cuz that is what he has done, and there is absolutely no need what so ever to cover up the fact that he has ripped us off by saying hes done a lot for the leafs.
he deserves to be booed off the ice,
he is not a toronto maple leaf.



Sundin's homecoming
Date: Feb 18, 2009 5:23:11 PM PST
Author: sludge

I gotta disagree with you Danielt. Mats Sundin did a lot for the Leafs while he was here. If he didn't win us a cup, he is no more to blame than any of our GM's, coaches or goalies. We never exactly surrounded him with a championship team. The best linemates we ever got for him were Garry Roberts and Alex Mogilny. Most of the time he played here he had guys like Jonas Hoglund, Sergie Berezin or Dmitri Khristich on his wings. If we had better management during his career in Toronto he would have had greater individual statistical success and the Leafs would have done better in the playoffs. There were a few games a year where Mats was invisible, but most of the time he was our most dominant player. He leads the Leafs in almost every statistic and he leads the NHL with the most overtime goals in history, proving he showed up when the game was on the line.
Last year he was asked to waive his no trade clause at the deadline and he declared he wanted to stay with the Leafs. He DIDN'T bail on his team, he stuck with them and tried to get them into the playoffs. How can you hold that against him? Sure we could have got something for him, but I wouldn't want a captain of the Leafs to take the first train outta town as soon as the opportunity arrives. The Leafs made it pretty clear he was not part of the rebuilding plans and he is at the age where he is only going to get a couple more shots at winning a cup. The Leafs won't be in the position to win a cup within the next few years and it would not make finacial sense to bring him back while we rebuild. In fact, he said he wasn't sure he was going to play ever again. He is a class act and he deserves the respect of Leafs fans because he EARNED it.
I will cheer for the Leafs Saturday night, but if Sundin sticks it to us the way McCabe did a couple weeks ago, I will be happy for him.
I am starting to miss Harold Ballard


Sundin's homecoming
Date: Feb 22, 2009 2:01:00 PM PST
Author: sludge

Looks like you weren't alone in declaring Mats shoudn't be cheered by Leafs fans Danielt. At the beginning of the game, there was at least one idiot in the crowd booing him when he touched the puck. However there were also 17,000 Leafs fans who cheered for him and thanked him for all he tried to do for us while he was a Leaf. And yes, I was happy for him when he scored the winner. I have never cheered when the Leafs lose and I hope I never will again, but it felt pretty good to see him get the winner. The standing ovation showed he earned this city's respect and nobody is holding it against him for trying to get his team into the playoffs last season. If Sundin agreed to a trade, there would have been a lot of people resenting him for bailing on his team. The captain went down with the ship last year, he didn't take the easy way out. Let's wait to see how you handle yourself when you are the captain of the Leafs Danielt.
I am starting to miss Harold Ballard

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