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A Candidate nobody mentions
Date: Jun 1, 2008 8:09:07 PM PDT
Author: sludge

Why has nobody ever mentioned Lou Lamoriello of the New Jersey Devils as a possible candidate? Hasn't he been responsible for putting together a team that is a season contender and a 3 time Stanley Cup winner. He is infamously cheap so he can work around the salary cap. He has been able to keep quality hockey players wanting to play for him in New Jersey of all places while never being one to just open up the banks to resign his top free agents. I don't know if he is the best GM in hockey, but he is up there and he should be considered for the position. I don't know why I never hear his name mentioned as a possible candidate. I am sure he would have trouble turning down a star player salary, why haven't we attempted to contact him?
I am starting to miss Harold Ballard

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