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Teachers Pension Plan
Date: Jan 16, 2008 9:47:49 PM PST
Author: sludge

The Ontario Teachers Pension plan is destroying our dreams of ever seeing another Stanley Cup in Toronto. Ontario teachers deserve a good pension plan. They are teaching the future generations of this counrty. However, I do not believe they should control the Toronto Maple Leafs. Whoever owns the Leafs is going to make money....a lot of money.
Now that there is a salary cap, ownership and management can only spend so much on the team. MLSE is one of the richest companies in Canada, they should be spending whatever it takes to build the best front office staff. We should have the smartest minds in hockey running our Leafs and they should be paid accordingly. Instead, we have John Ferguson Jr. running the most important show in town. I call bullshit!
I have always supported teachers, and I still want to. I think the job they do is important and thankless, they should be rewarded for their efforts to teach our children. Whenever the teachers have gone on strike in the past, I have always believed they deserved to get what they were asking for. My opinion has changed. If the Ontario teachers go on strike again, I know I will not support them and I hope that they face a backlash from the Ontario public. There are hundreds of thousands of Toronto Maple Leaf fans in Ontario, I can only hope we will stand together to demand the teachers sell the Leafs the next time they are looking for a raise.
I am starting to miss Harold Ballard


Teachers Pension Plan
Date: Feb 25, 2008 4:43:30 PM PST
Author: Hogwash!

I am so sick of Toronto Leaf Fans using the Teachers Pension Plan as an excuse for the Leafs losing streak!
Sure there may be a current problem with Leaf Management but there always has been. Blaming the TPF is not going to solve the Leafs problems it is only a distraction for the real issues.
I am a teacher and a Leafs fan so I am 100% biased on both sides of the issue but I can spot a whitch hunt and this blame game on the TPF is no more diffrent then issues of previous years, i.e. Harold Ballard etc.
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Date: Feb 26, 2008 3:17:40 PM PST
Author: sludge

I am not only blaming the teachers for the mess the Leafs are in. The players, the management and even the fans also have to share some of the blame. When the entire organization is a mess, you have to look at the entire organization critically, and the teachers owning the Leafs is not exactly helping the situation. We can blame JFJ for the bad moves he made as GM, but you can't ignore who hired him, and why he lasted so long. Richard Peddie hired him and that was a huge mistake. Peddie escaped blame by firing Fergie, but he is the one who hired him and he is the one who kept him around for 5 years. I am not stating anything new when I say Richard Peddie is a puppet for the Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund. Peddie has done a great job of fattening up your pension plan Hogwash. Maybe you should send him a thank you note when you retire. If I was a teacher, I would probably love Richard Peddie, but I am not, I am a Leaf fan. I believe the teachers deserve a big fat pension, they are teaching the future generations of this country and they should be rewarded with a nice pension....Just not at the expense of our beloved Maple Leafs. The teachers gave Peddie all the power to run MLSE and he chose to hire a rookie GM. Not exactly a smart move. Why hire someone with no experience when there were several candidates available that did have experience.....because Peddie doesn't know how to run a hockey team. He knows how to make money, something the Leafs have never had a problem doing without Richard Peddie. The teachers owning the Leafs is a similar situation to the Ballard years. Ballard cared more about making money than winning and so do the teachers. If they want to prove me wrong, they should fire Richard Peddie. They won't, he makes them too much money. When Scotty Bowan was approached by the Leafs to clean up the mess Fergie created, he turned us down because of the sloppy structure of our organization. He didn't want to anwer to an idiot like Richard Peddie and who can blame him. Peddie knows nothing about hockey. As long as the teachers own the Leafs and Peddie has control, we will find it hard to convince any smart GM to come here to help SAVE THE LEAFS.
So if you retire with a nice fat pension Hogwash, congratulations, but it will probably come at the expense of your favourite team's chances of ever winning another cup. There are other companies the TEachers Pension plan can invest in, they don't have to own the Leafs. In fact they stand to make a pretty nice chunk of change if they sell to someone who cares about winning.
You can't deny that if someone like Mike Illitch owned the Leafs, he would have fired Richard Peddie (unless he too developed Harold Ballard syndrome). We need an owner who will hold management accountable for the state of our team.

After all that has been said on here, I want to thank you for signing up and sharing your opinion with us Hogwash. There are lots of different opinions, this is a great place for Leaf fans to express themselves.
I am starting to miss Harold Ballard
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